Systems Thinking

Systems thinking and practice offer means of managing the many complex issues that trouble managers in contemporary organisations and decision-makers in the modern world.

Complexity stems from the interrelationships between the parts of systems and those systems and their environments and from the divergent perspectives and interests of different engaged stakeholders. Once these aspects of complexity proliferate and combine, managers and decision-makers confront ‘wicked problems’ that resist piecemeal, quick-fix solutions. Instead they require systemic treatment.

Systems Research Ltd develops and promotes systems thinking; advises on proposed solutions to complex problems; conducts systemic interventions; and evaluates the success of systems work.

It adopts a ‘critical systems’ style which advocates adapting systems thinking and practice to the particular context in which they are to be used. We are not wedded to one particular systems approach.

Systems Research Ltd has expertise in lean systems, system dynamics, the viable system model, soft systems thinking and critical systems thinking (of which Mike Jackson was one of the pioneers).